Tricubes Share Price
admin / December 22, 2017

Tricubes Share Price

Founded in 1998, Tricubes Malaysia was established to spearhead the design and development of handheld computers and software solutions for the MyKad project.  This venture involved the implementation of the world’s first National Identification multi-application chip card. The outcome was a highly integrated handheld computer incorporated with a smartcard reader, wireless technology and fingerprint scanner. Tricubes devices are now well accepted especially by Government Agencies, the Financial Sector and Utility companies. The devices and its ancillary applications provide key solution for identity authentication as well as mobile computing. Tricube’s solutions can be broken into three categories, which are Identity Authentication Solutions, Enterprise Mobile Solutions and Secure Access and Automation. In 2011, Tricubes share prices rose to a six-and-half month high to close at RM0.26 ensuing the announcement that the Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) has chosen the company as the collection agent of traffic summons. Here are details of the project that caused the surge of the share prices.

The Client: The Royal Malaysian Police comprises of 112,145 members and officers, who are authorized to maintain public peace and security. They have co-operated with other government agencies to prevent crime and to secure the national borders. Besides that, they also collaborated with the Road Transport Ministry in the enforcement of the Road Transport Act.

The Challenge: The necessity to design a real time information system for enforcement officers on the field to swiftly and securely access information about stolen cars, missing or wanted persons, outstanding warrants, people and vehicle information from different database systems from multiple government servers located in different geographical locations. The Royal Malaysian Police employed Tricubes Group of Companies to provide an enhanced Mobile Management System custom-made based on the M2E platform to place enforcement data at officer’s fingertips. The solution enabled officers to perform online queries like notice checks, stolen vehicle checks, criminal and missing persons check, personal record check, and owner vehicle check on the field using mobile handheld computers. The mobile enforcement application ran from handheld computers that connected to the enforcement agency and other government agencies host system via GPRS data network through M2E to provide real-time enforcement data.

Tricubes’ board of directors said in an announcement to the stock exchange that the company received the letter of award from the Royal Malaysian Police on the 15th of November 2011. They successfully became the collection agent of traffic summons via automated teller machines and enquiries concerning traffic summonses through the short messaging system. Tricubes came to prominence in April of 2011 with its share price jumping to a year high of 32.5sen on April 22, 2011, after the company was awarded the 1Malaysia e-mail project by the Government.

Tricubes Today

Today, despite the Tricubes share price having it’s ups and downs, its proficient and talented team continues to offer Systems Integration and Project Management services. Not just that, they have a nationwide Customer Service network that further consolidates these offerings in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bahru, Ipoh, Melaka and Penang. The Tricubes Berhad address of the main office is Suite 13.1, Level 13 Menara Great Eastern 303, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.