Tricubes Share Price
admin / December 22, 2017

Tricubes Share Price Founded in 1997, Tricubes Malaysia was established to spearhead the design and development of handheld computers and software solutions for the MyKad project.  This venture involved the implementation of the world’s first National Identification multi-application chip card. The outcome was a highly integrated handheld computer incorporated with a smartcard reader, wireless technology and fingerprint scanner. Tricubes devices…

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Fireflyz: 6 Reasons Why I Fly with Them

Fireflyz- Why I choose to fly with them
admin / November 7, 2017

I prefer to fly with Fireflyz as much as possible. After dozens of flights, many different airlines and a lot of issues, I have found an airline that fits my needs when I am traveling within or near Malaysia. Reasonably priced Everyone looks at the price, it is just a very important aspect of the booking process. Is Fireflyz always…

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